"CCM Conceptual Carpets Ltd - from design concept right through to installation, we provide input through experience in planning, project management and manufacture to ensure the final carpet meets all necessary requirements from appearance to performance."

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What you need to know about CCM Conceptual Carpets Ltd

Caldew Carpet Manufacturers was formed in 2001 and has achieved the highest level of expertise in carpet and floor covering technologies gaining world-class recognition for its products and services. We are a specialist manufacturer that solely represents the commercial contract sector for pubs, clubs, hotels, leisure and healthcare industries working with them to produce floor coverings specifically for their needs.

Since that time our company has remained at the very forefront of the production of traditional quality woven Axminster, Wilton and Tufted carpet and continues to produce carpets in a wide variety of widths for the commercial market.

Caldew Carpet Manufacturers are in a unique situation, though still a young company in carpet terms, we are able to benefit from the experience of our designers who have libraries of designs going back over 100 years.

Caldew Carpet Manufacturers works together with the UK's most renowned designers and yarn suppliers to ensure that the company remains at the forefront of the market.

The Market Position of Caldew Carpet Manufacturers

After small beginnings Caldew Carpet Manufacturers is now retaining a strong client base with recurring orders. Contacts and indeed orders are being made worldwide through our dedicated team of agents who work to the company policy of providing quality with service enabling our customers to complete their projects with confidence.

In February 2007, Caldew Carpet Manufacturers gained The Wheel Mark, enabling the company to manufacture carpets for water vessels. It is predicted that there will be a large take up from this sector and Caldew Carpet Manufacturers carpets will be starring on many a cruise liner's floor.

The Future of Caldew Carpet Manufacturers

With the help of our dedicated team the future is looking bright for Caldew Carpet Manufacturers. 2013 will be a big year for the company with the introduction of new products and trends. The Caldew Carpet Manufacturers team will always stay at the forefront of the carpet and design industry which will make us more able to meet our customer expectations.

The Location of Caldew Carpet Manufacturers

Caldew Carpet Manufacturer's administrative Headquarters is based within Carlisle, Cumbria UK. The two key manufacturing plants are located in Kidderminster and outer Manchester. In contrast, our agents and clientele spread throughout Europe and into the rest of the world.

Quality Axminster Carpet Samples for Commercial Contract Flooring Market