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Classic Carpet Designs from CCM Conceptual Carpets Ltd for hotels or Homes

Key concepts in choosing a Carpet Pattern for a Classic Interior

Your Project might consist of a refurbishment of a large Private residence or small Country Hotel. Classic Carpet patterns suite Traditional period interiors complimenting the dark woods and chintzy soft furnishings.

Classically designed rooms often contain large focal points. A large fireplace, grand table, or impressive staircase are good examples of focal points that are used. The idea behind a classically designed room is to create a sense of perfect symmetry. If a classic interior design were to be sliced down the middle, one side of a room would perfectly reflect the other side of a room. Therefore a symmetrical carpet pattern is often used for Classical interiors.

The colours that are used in classic interior design are often inspired by Mother Nature. Deep blues, browns, yellow, green, and earth tones such as terracotta are frequently found within classical spaces, consider using our Autumn palette when starting to search our designs. In addition, black or a border can be used to outline important items within a room.


Browser our Classic Theme Carpets by Pattern

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Alternative Themes for your Project

Contemporary:- strong lines and strong colours for ultra modern.

Flamboyant:- showy and lively interiors.

Elegant:- opulent and relaxed atmosphere.

Minimalist:- stripped down to fundamentals.

Historic:- carpet patterns through the ages.

Classic Billard Room with Carpet complimenting dark wood interior
Choose a Classic Carpet to match Drapes and soft Furnishings
Luxury carpet in a Country House Hotel dinning room.
The ambience of the plainest function room is raised with this Classic carpet design.
Relax in your period home knowing that your carpet fits your mood.