"CCM Conceptual Carpets Ltd - Contemporary Carpet patterns reassuringly sophisticated with clean lines and strong colours for ultra modern bars or boutique hotels."

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Contemporary Carpet Designs from CCM Conceptual Carpets Ltd for Modern Bars or Bistros

Key concepts in choosing a Carpet Pattern for a Contemporary Interior

The key rule of contemporary interior design is that less is more. Professional interior designers who specialize in creating rooms with a contemporary flair go for bold patterned carpets with clean lines and a subtle sense of sophistication. A contemporary room doesn't have ruffles, fringe, busy floral prints, or furniture with fussy carved details.

High ceilings and bare windows often feature in contemporary house interior design. If your project has interesting architectural details, such as exposed pipes or a brick wall with an inviting texture, you can work these elements into your design scheme. Other hallmarks of contemporary interior design include lots of chrome metallic accents and liberal use of glass or mirrors as a way to visually "open up" small spaces.

Though the classic contemporary look relies heavily on black, white, and natural tan colors it's common to accent a room with a few bold touches by incorporating strongly geometric patterned carpets.


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Alternative Themes for your Project

Classic:- to suite timeless period homes.

Flamboyant:- showy and lively interiors.

Elegant:- opulent and relaxed atmosphere.

Minimalist:- stripped down to fundamentals.

Historic:- carpet patterns through the ages.

Contemporary hallway with strong colours extenuating the long corridor.
Geometric patterns with strong colours for Contemporary interior.
Contemporary dinning room with bold patterned carpets, clean lines and a subtle sense of sophistication.
CCM supply Wheel Mark certified carpets for Contemporary nautical interiors.
High ceilings and bare windows compliment this Contemporary carpeted interior.