"CCM Conceptual Carpets Ltd - download Brochures, Technical Specification sheets, Terms and Conditions, Installation Guidelines and After Care advice for Commercila Contract Carpets."

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Download Printable material from CCM Conceptual Carpets Ltd

Caldew Carpet Manufacturers have made the following material available as full colour printable pdf files.

Carpet Range Brochures:

The Stockax range is a blend of contemporary and traditional designs specially woven Axminster carpets to meet the demands of the hospitality, brewery and leisure industry. View brochure here size 2 MB


The Customax Range is a collection of Axminster carpet constructions and design pattern ideas that enable you to create bespoke variations. View brochure here size 1.2 MB


The 101 Ranges offer a mix of classic and contemporary design and colour ideas specifically produced for leisure interior schemes consisting of a series of five unique colour themes that can be used on a wide variety of designs. View brochure here size 15 MB

Technical Specifications of Carpets:

Hard Copy of CustomAx Colour Bank:

Closeup images of the 192 named and coded colours available for inclusion in Custom Axminster and Wilton Carpets View here size 300 KB

Hard Copy of T & C:

Installation Guidelines:

  • UK's Contract Flooring Association [CFA] Guide to Contract Flooring View here size 25MB from http://www.cfa.org.uk/userfiles/files/CFA%20Guide%20to%20Contract%20Flooring.pdf
  • USA's The Carpet and Rug Institute Carpet Installation Standards 2011 View here size 1MB from http://www.carpet-rug.org/pdf_word_docs/CRI_Carpet_Installation_Standard_2011.pdf

Links to YouTube Videos of Carpet Manufacture

Warehouse view of Stock Commercial Contract Carpets