"CCM Conceptual Carpets Ltd - Flamboyant Carpet Designs excessively showy for a lively club room or spicy restaurant."

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Flamboyant Carpet Designs from CCM Conceptual Carpets Ltd for Hot Restaurants

Key concepts in choosing a Carpet Pattern for a Flamboyant Interior

Flamboyant style is all about abundance, texture and colour with elements of rich Rococo.

Flamboyant interior projects introduce an ocean of possibilities characterized chiefly by ornate tracery patterns that, by their suggestion of flames, gave the style its name. Perhaps often found in spicier restaurant carpets there are plenty of opportunitie to raise the temperature of your designs for corporate or residential commissions.

With our huge choice of colours in our CustomAx range many corporate clients have used CCM to produce exclusive Flamboyant carpet designs that incorporate their Logo or identifiers.


Browser our Flamboyant Theme Carpets by Pattern

Use this Pattern Dropdown Selector and button to quickly find a suitable Flamboyant themed design from our huge pattern library.

Alternative Themes for your Project

Classic:- to suite timeless period homes.

Contemporary:- strong lines and strong colours for ultra modern.

Elegant:- opulent and relaxed atmosphere.

Minimalist:- stripped down to fundamentals.

Historic:- carpet patterns through the ages.

A Flamboyant mix of cultures.
A showy and lively interior.
The carpet underpins this very personal flamboyant decor.
Restaurants have zing with flamboyant carpet pattern designs
If you have the money for a home Cinema flaunt it with a Flamboyant interior.