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Historic Carpet Designs from CCM Conceptual Carpets Ltd for Period Interiors

Key concepts in choosing a Carpet Pattern for a Historic Interior

Carpets have been manufactured in the UK since the 16th century due to the ready supply of wool and the entrepreneural and innovative efforts of Mill owners. Every era has produced distictively patterned carpets that have contributed to their uniquely Historic look. These patterns are still available from our library ready to be reproduced in your choice of colours.

The following carpet designs are available from our historic pattern books:

  • Renaissance - a time of gothic arts, European influence and Greek and Roman architecture. The Renaissance produced some of the world's greatest artist, architect, and designers that emphasized beauty, ceremoniousness, spirituality, and their own ideas of artistic expression.
  • French - in the 17th and 18th centuries had cherished the meaning of love and romance. Furnishings were delicate and represented femininity with elegant and formal pieces being hand-painted with charm. The 17th and 18th centuries was a time if sophistication, esteemed with enthusiasm, and living in domestic decoration.
  • Regency and Georgian - patterns become influenced by Empires facination with the Orient.
  • Victoriana - huge innovation with The Great Exhibition and Sir Walter Scott's stories generate an interest in Tartan.
  • Art Nouveau - was produced for a short time by a few designers led by Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928). Mackintosh's work grew out of Arts and Crafts bases, but moved toward the freedom of Art Nouveau.
  • Art Deco - this term comes from the designs of the 20's, 30's and early 40's. Lines were elegant, streamlined and angular. Vibrant colors were predominant.
  • 20th Century - abstract patterns introduced in carpets.


Browser our Historic Theme Carpets by Pattern

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Alternative Themes for your Project

Classic:- to suite timeless period homes.

Flamboyant:- showy and lively interiors.

Contemporary:- strong lines and strong colours for ultra modern.

Elegant:- opulent and relaxed atmosphere.

Minimalist:- stripped down to fundamentals.

Splendid stairway carpeted with historic runner and carpeting.
Period drawing room with carpet choosen to match decor.
Edwardian sitting room displaying high class taste.
Huge room carpeted in Regency style reproduced from historic pattern books.
From carpet to chandelier everything is exquisite for this Rococo room.