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Carpet Installation Advice from CCM Conceptual Carpets Ltd

The process of installing your new carpet is one of the most important factors in assuring that your chosen carpet looks good in position and wears well. In our experience installation will be compromised if insufficient specifying, planning and preparation occur.


Caldew Carpet Manufacturers Ltd [CCM] advises clients to use the services of an installation contractor who will install the carpet in accordance with British Standard "Installation of Textile Floor Coverings. Code of practice, BS 5325:2001". CCM have teams of carpet fitters that are members of the UK's Contract Flooring Association [CFA] and are Flooring Industry Training Association [FITA] assessed.

Companies allowed to display CFA's Seal of Approval and/or certified by FITA have pledged in writing to adhere to these standards.


As a minimum the installation must be properly planned, estimated and co-ordinated, all services that CCM can provide. The plan must include accurate measurements, show seam placement, and detail areas requiring special considerations, such as unusual room shapes, closets, borders, stairs, etc.


A. Specifiers [Architect or Interior Designer] will:

1. Provide drawings with approved location of seams, edge mouldings, carpet direction and accessories (leveling compounds, adhesives, underlay, etc.).

B. The General Building Contractor will:

1. Provide an appropriate surface upon which to install carpets, including confirmation of concrete moisture and alkali conditions, cleanliness, surface quality and floor levelness.
2. Provide for appropriate room temperatures 48 hours prior to installation (10° to 20°C) and for appropriate temperatures and ventilation during and 48 to 72 hours after installation.

C. The Carpet Installation Contractor will:

1. Use qualified labour and specified tools, materials and accessories.
2. Provide accuracy of installation processes.
3. Co-operate with the general building contractor on all applicable details, including the installation date, delivery, storage, security, and insurance.


Regardless of the installation method, it is the specifier's responsibility to ensure proper transitions where the carpet edge meets other flooring surfaces.

Usefull References

  • UK's Contract Flooring Association [CFA] Guide to Contract Flooring [http://www.cfa.org.uk/userfiles/files/CFA%20Guide%20to%20Contract%20Flooring.pdf]
  • USA's The Carpet and Rug Institute Carpet Installation Standards 2011 [http://www.carpet-rug.org/pdf_word_docs/CRI_Carpet_Installation_Standard_2011.pdf]

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